A Guide to Wedding Dress Silhouettes

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Having a custom wedding dress made is a dream for many brides—but if you aren’t entirely sure what you’re looking for, it can also be stressful and confusing.  In order to get the most out of your design experience, you should approach every appointment with some good, strong ideas of things that you like, and things you don’t like.  That way, the professional you speak to will be able to produce some ideas that you’re almost guaranteed to love.  To help you with this, here are some common styles and silhouettes found in wedding dresses.  Get familiar with the terms, and you’ll soon be well on your way to the beautiful finished piece.  A-Line Named after the shape of the letter A, A-line dresses start narrow at the top and widen out towards the hemline.  This is a very versatile silhouette which is flattering on most body types, owing to the way it balances out a woman’s curves.  You may also hear of a ‘modified’ A-line dress.  These are similar, but with more fitted skirts and a more subtle effect. Ballgown This is the kind of silhouette that everyone can picture—just like a fairy-tale princess.  Its extravagance, luxury and formality appeal to many women.  If you’re conscious of the lower half of your body, this style is excellent, as it fans out and will balance the wearer’s hips, thighs and stomach.  However, if you are of petite stature, you may wish to steer clear; it’s a lot of fabric to carry on your lower half, and it may make you appear shorter. Mermaid Imitating a mermaid’s tail, this style is form-fitting all the way down to the knee, and then expands out at the hem.  Similarly, a trumpet dress is form-fitting up to the mid-thigh, and then fans out from that point.  Both silhouettes are very flattering on hourglass figures.  However, if you are conscious of your stomach and hips, steer clear; both styles also highlight and emphasise those areas. Sheath A sheath dress will hang straight down, is not necessarily figure-hugging and won’t fan out or add volume.  For these reasons, it’s especially flattering on tall women and women with less curvy figures.  It can also produce a more subtle effect than a dress with a big skirt. Be sure to look up the various styles and see how they look on body shapes similar to your own.  This way, you can judge which styles are best for you and which you like...

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Getting married in Australia as a destination wedding

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Australia has a well-deserved reputation as a beautiful backdrop for stunning natural weddings. If you are looking for some tips on how to get married as a foreign citizen in Australia then keep reading.  Give some notice You need to give at least 1 month and 1 day of notice of intent to marry, by lodging a notice of intended marriage with the Australian government, in order to make sure your marriage is legal. Generally speaking, if you are not residing in Australia before your marriage, you can lodge this form via your celebrant or religious leader within this time frame, while you are still overseas.  Choose a location There are no restrictions in Australia on the locations where you can get married, but you need permission from the appropriate local land owner. To get married in a park or beach you may need permission from the local council, while private residences or buildings will require permission from the building owner. Many landmark buildings may restrict ceremonies such as weddings in their grounds if the ceremony is likely to have a detrimental effect on public access to the building. Find a celebrant Once you have researched where you would like to get married and how you need to get permission to get access to that site, then you can determine which local celebrants might be able to carry out your ceremony. You can often arrange for a celebrant to travel to officiate your ceremony if your favourite candidate is out of the area, but you may incur extra travel costs as a result.  Even you are not local, through the Internet you can find a range of celebrants to interview to find someone who is the perfect fit for you as a couple. You can find celebrants that can suit any style of ceremony, and most are more than willing to chat by email or other forms of electronic communication. Make sure to send any ideas you have about the kind of ceremony you’d like ahead of time, including any music, poems or reading that you might like incorporated as well as letting them know which location you will be choosing.   If English is not your native language you may be able to find a bilingual celebrant who can do the majority of the ceremony in your native language. They will still need to perform certain obligatory legal phrases in English for the ceremony to be binding.  Good luck with planning your beautiful Australian...

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Factors That Will Influence Your Choice on Wedding Venues

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Making a choice on your dream-wedding venue may seem like an overwhelming task. However, event hire does not have to be so daunting. By considering the different options available to you well in advance, it makes it easier for you to narrow down your options to what would be best suited for your big day. Since getting married is not a regular occurrence, couples typically do not know where to start. The good news is that you do not need to know all the details about your big day to choose your perfect venue. A few essentials would put you on the right path to making the appropriate choice. Here are some factors that will influence your choice on wedding venues. Catering Undoubtedly, one of the most important aspects of a wedding is food. If you opt to have your wedding at a conventional venue, you may have to settle with the menus they offer you for your guests. Although this may be well and good for some couples, others may want to have their own caterer for their big day. If you are set on having your meals catered to by a preferred catering service, then you may have to consider other types of venues that would allow outside catering such as a garden wedding, leasing a marquee and more. Accessibility by your guests Another factor to consider when selecting a wedding venue is how accessible the location will be to your guests. There is nothing worse than sending out numerous invites only to have a handful of people show up since it is out of their way. This typically happens with destination weddings as some people may either not have the time or the financial ability to travel to your preferred destination. If you would like your big day to be small and intimate, then a destination wedding would be ideal. You could even opt to foot the bill for your guests to make it more convenient for them. However, if you would like a big wedding, then selecting a local venue that is close in proximity to your guests would be your best bet. Full service or not Full service venues refer to event hire that will provide everything you need for your big day. This will range from the chair rentals that you will use to the public announcement system. Alternatively, a venue that is not full service will simply give you the space for event hire then you would have to fill it up with all the trimmings that your big day will need. Although full service venues may be the economical option, a non-full service venue ensures that you get exactly what you want since you will be sourcing for the items...

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What to Look for When You’re Choosing a Reception Venue

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Choosing a reception venue is one of the many challenging tasks that goes into planning a wedding. Although selecting the perfect place for the celebration can seem daunting, it’s really just a matter of diligence; you’ll need to visit a few locations before you decide on the perfect one. The process will be a lot easier if you keep a few simple factors in mind when making your selection. Know your numbers … Even if you don’t have an exact count of guests, you’ll need a rough estimate to choose the space for your reception. Ask venues about their capacities, but don’t let this be a substitute for visiting them yourself.  … and then add to them Your venue won’t only contain guests; you may have a DJ or band, a dance floor, buffet tables, a bar and more. Be sure to allow plenty of extra space for these as well as room for guests to reach them. Visualise the layout as you stand in the space, focusing on the paths guests will take through it.  Know what you’re getting When choosing your venue, be sure you’re clear on the services you’re paying for. You may discover that the venue offers services you’d otherwise wind up paying for; alternatively, you may discover that your venue doesn’t provide something you thought would be included, like tablecloths or chairs. Don’t get caught without needed supplies; ask in advance. Don’t feel like you’re pestering the venue’s representatives with your questions, either.  Count amenities, not just people Lighting, sound systems and more use up power, and your venue will need to have plenty of it. You don’t just need to make sure that your location has enough power outlets, but also that they’re in the right places. Check with DJs, caterers and others to determine their power needs.  Consider cars Unless your location is central and your guests are local, you’ll need to accommodate drivers. Be sure that your venue has plenty of parking spaces or is near a street where visitors can park.  Watch the clock If possible, visit your prospective venue at the time of day you intend to hold the reception. Lighting will obviously change throughout the day, but traffic and parking conditions will also change. A trip that takes half an hour in the middle of the day may mean battling your way through a swarm of commuters during rush hour.  Start comparing your options by visiting local services like The Grande Reception & Function...

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Incorporating your mother’s wedding dress into your wedding

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For a young bride to be, it can hard to navigate conversations with your mother around whether you, the new bride, will wear your mother’s wedding dress. In many cases wedding dresses from 20+ years ago are in a very different style and may not suit a woman with a different body shape or colouring. Equally, you may just have a firm idea of the kind of dress you want to wear which does not match up with your mother’s dress. Here are some ways you can incorporate an older dress without wearing exactly the same dress. Sit down and take a good look at the dress. Take a good look at the dress and decide if there are aspects of the dress that you do like. This could include the cut, the fit, the materials used and the embellishments or buttons. Think about how your style and your mother’s dress could merge to create something unique and perfect. Discuss the dress with your mother. See if this was a dress that she bought, or if this is a family heirloom. If this was an off-the-shelf dress from a department store, she may be more open to doing some major modifications to the dress, versus if this dress is a family heirloom. If the dress was made by family members, ask if there are any offcuts or spare fabric around that you could incorporate. Meet with a wedding dress designer. Meet with a wedding dress designer and show them the dress. Explain what kind of dress you are looking for, and what kind of limitations you have on using your mother’s dress to create the dress of your dreams. Obviously if the designer has full freedom to cut the dress and remove and reapply any embellishments, the job is likely to be much easier than modifying and matching fabrics with a 100 year old delicate, embroidered silk heirloom dress. If the designer cannot modify the dress in a way that suits you and your mother (for example, if you are significantly larger than the previous wearer), look at ways that you could reference your mother’s dress design in your dress. Maybe you could include similar buttons or a similar cut in a new dress or incorporate her accessories into your wedding outfit. Remember that your mother is eager for you to wear this dress as she is so proud of the family you are building with your wedding. Honouring your relationship with your mother at this time sets the tone for the relationship you will have going forward. For more information, contact a company like Regalia Bridal &...

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Riding in Style: Five Limo Features You Need for Your Wedding

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If you are hiring a limousine for your wedding, you will get to choose from a long list of amenities and add-on services. However, there are certain extra features that will help to make your big day outstanding. Here are five of the features you should consider. 1. Champagne Service On the way to the ceremony, it may help to have a bit of champagne on hand to soothe your nerves. After the service, you want bottle service so you can celebrate. If you don’t drink, look for a limo offering sparkling cider. In addition to champagne, you can find limos with fully stocked bars so you can get your favourite drink in transit. 2. High-Quality Seat Materials Many limos have high-quality seats. In many cases, you can opt for leather of various grades, but if your wedding is scheduled for a hot day and you are afraid of sticking to leather, you can look for suede or even fur seats. 3. Coordinating Styles or Colours Remember to think of the outside of the limousine as well as its interior and consider choosing a limo in a style complimenting your wedding attire. If you love traditional styles, pick an antique limo; you will love the class it adds to your event. If you have specific wedding colours, you may also be able to find a limo in similar colours so everything is fully coordinated. If you’re taking pictures inside, the colours can add to the overall tone of the event. For example, a romantic red suede interior might not match the tone you’re setting with light spring colors. 4.  Decorating Permissible If you love the idea of cars that have been decorated with a “just married” theme, you may want to look for a limousine hire that allows you to decorate the limo in a fun way. Do not add any decorations without getting permission first, but some of the decorations you may want to inquire about include tying strings of noisy cans or balloons to the back of the car. 5. Matching Chauffeurs Of course, the chauffeur’s style is almost as important as the limo’s style. If you are having a formal wedding, insist on chauffeurs in tuxes, but if you are having a more casual wedding, you can request chauffeurs dressed in a way that coordinates with your vibe. For example, if you are having a beach wedding, you may want chauffeurs in khaki trousers, white shirts and...

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