Riding in Style: Five Limo Features You Need for Your Wedding

If you are hiring a limousine for your wedding, you will get to choose from a long list of amenities and add-on services. However, there are certain extra features that will help to make your big day outstanding. Here are five of the features you should consider.

1. Champagne Service

On the way to the ceremony, it may help to have a bit of champagne on hand to soothe your nerves. After the service, you want bottle service so you can celebrate. If you don't drink, look for a limo offering sparkling cider.

In addition to champagne, you can find limos with fully stocked bars so you can get your favourite drink in transit.

2. High-Quality Seat Materials

Many limos have high-quality seats. In many cases, you can opt for leather of various grades, but if your wedding is scheduled for a hot day and you are afraid of sticking to leather, you can look for suede or even fur seats.

3. Coordinating Styles or Colours

Remember to think of the outside of the limousine as well as its interior and consider choosing a limo in a style complimenting your wedding attire. If you love traditional styles, pick an antique limo; you will love the class it adds to your event.

If you have specific wedding colours, you may also be able to find a limo in similar colours so everything is fully coordinated. If you're taking pictures inside, the colours can add to the overall tone of the event. For example, a romantic red suede interior might not match the tone you're setting with light spring colors.

4.  Decorating Permissible

If you love the idea of cars that have been decorated with a "just married" theme, you may want to look for a limousine hire that allows you to decorate the limo in a fun way. Do not add any decorations without getting permission first, but some of the decorations you may want to inquire about include tying strings of noisy cans or balloons to the back of the car.

5. Matching Chauffeurs

Of course, the chauffeur's style is almost as important as the limo's style. If you are having a formal wedding, insist on chauffeurs in tuxes, but if you are having a more casual wedding, you can request chauffeurs dressed in a way that coordinates with your vibe. For example, if you are having a beach wedding, you may want chauffeurs in khaki trousers, white shirts and leis.