Incorporating your mother's wedding dress into your wedding

For a young bride to be, it can hard to navigate conversations with your mother around whether you, the new bride, will wear your mother's wedding dress. In many cases wedding dresses from 20+ years ago are in a very different style and may not suit a woman with a different body shape or colouring. Equally, you may just have a firm idea of the kind of dress you want to wear which does not match up with your mother's dress. Here are some ways you can incorporate an older dress without wearing exactly the same dress.

Sit down and take a good look at the dress.

Take a good look at the dress and decide if there are aspects of the dress that you do like. This could include the cut, the fit, the materials used and the embellishments or buttons. Think about how your style and your mother's dress could merge to create something unique and perfect.

Discuss the dress with your mother.

See if this was a dress that she bought, or if this is a family heirloom. If this was an off-the-shelf dress from a department store, she may be more open to doing some major modifications to the dress, versus if this dress is a family heirloom. If the dress was made by family members, ask if there are any offcuts or spare fabric around that you could incorporate.

Meet with a wedding dress designer.

Meet with a wedding dress designer and show them the dress. Explain what kind of dress you are looking for, and what kind of limitations you have on using your mother's dress to create the dress of your dreams. Obviously if the designer has full freedom to cut the dress and remove and reapply any embellishments, the job is likely to be much easier than modifying and matching fabrics with a 100 year old delicate, embroidered silk heirloom dress.

If the designer cannot modify the dress in a way that suits you and your mother (for example, if you are significantly larger than the previous wearer), look at ways that you could reference your mother's dress design in your dress. Maybe you could include similar buttons or a similar cut in a new dress or incorporate her accessories into your wedding outfit.

Remember that your mother is eager for you to wear this dress as she is so proud of the family you are building with your wedding. Honouring your relationship with your mother at this time sets the tone for the relationship you will have going forward. For more information, contact a company like Regalia Bridal & Formal.