What to Look for When You're Choosing a Reception Venue

Choosing a reception venue is one of the many challenging tasks that goes into planning a wedding. Although selecting the perfect place for the celebration can seem daunting, it's really just a matter of diligence; you'll need to visit a few locations before you decide on the perfect one. The process will be a lot easier if you keep a few simple factors in mind when making your selection.

Know your numbers ...

Even if you don't have an exact count of guests, you'll need a rough estimate to choose the space for your reception. Ask venues about their capacities, but don't let this be a substitute for visiting them yourself. 

... and then add to them

Your venue won't only contain guests; you may have a DJ or band, a dance floor, buffet tables, a bar and more. Be sure to allow plenty of extra space for these as well as room for guests to reach them. Visualise the layout as you stand in the space, focusing on the paths guests will take through it. 

Know what you're getting

When choosing your venue, be sure you're clear on the services you're paying for. You may discover that the venue offers services you'd otherwise wind up paying for; alternatively, you may discover that your venue doesn't provide something you thought would be included, like tablecloths or chairs. Don't get caught without needed supplies; ask in advance. Don't feel like you're pestering the venue's representatives with your questions, either. 

Count amenities, not just people

Lighting, sound systems and more use up power, and your venue will need to have plenty of it. You don't just need to make sure that your location has enough power outlets, but also that they're in the right places. Check with DJs, caterers and others to determine their power needs. 

Consider cars

Unless your location is central and your guests are local, you'll need to accommodate drivers. Be sure that your venue has plenty of parking spaces or is near a street where visitors can park. 

Watch the clock

If possible, visit your prospective venue at the time of day you intend to hold the reception. Lighting will obviously change throughout the day, but traffic and parking conditions will also change. A trip that takes half an hour in the middle of the day may mean battling your way through a swarm of commuters during rush hour. 

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